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Christmas in the Southwest

December 8, 2008

AAhhh, The holiday season is upon us.  Lights going up on all the houses.  People getting into the spirit of the season.  The best is the farolitos on all the buildings.  Santa Fe transforms into an immaculate display of light and festivity this time of year.



Another fond tradition is the making, sharing, and devouring of biscochitos.  Biscochitos are small sugar cookies flavored with cinnamon and anise developed by the Spanish settlers in New Mexico.  Recipes can be found all over the interent.

So, as I’m thinking about these little slices of heaven, I began to wonder what to drink with them.  Thus came the inspiration  for a variation on Classic Egg Nogg.

6 eggs, seperated

1 cup white sugar

6 oz VSOP Brandy

2 oz Amber Rum

2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

16oz Heavy cream

16 oz Whole milk

Grated Anise

Beat Eggs yolks and sugar until fully combined, and a bright yellow color.  In a seperate bowl whip the egg white to soft peaks.  Next pour egg whites into egg yolk mizture.  Add the booze milk and cream and mix until fully combined.  Store in refrigerator.  When ready to serve, pour into an Irish coffee mug and adda little grated anise to the top.  Be sure to share with friends.

Happy Holidays!

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