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It’s Time For ’09

December 26, 2008

drink-030I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday so far.  Ours in Santa Fe was incredible (updates on that later).

Funny how people get this time of year.  We spend months getting ready for Christmas (August was the first display I saw), watching and feeling the build up, the anticipation, the excitement. Then the day arrives, we celebrate, we share, then there is the ” Oh S#!%” moment that you haven’t made plans for New Year’s!!!

So as we struggle to toss together another outing or party, I want to make a few suggestions for your Midnight Toast.  Champagne is the traditional drink for this occasion (as if you didn’t know that already).  But why settle for JUST champagne?  Why not dress it up a little with a great bubbly based drink.  Try a Champagne Cocktail, French 75, or a Bellini.  And if you are feeling adventurous: if you are a cocktail daredevil, rasie your glass and toast…….


1 sugar cube ( I prefer raw sugar cubes)

Angostura Bitters

5 oz Champagne ( I prefer dry or extra dry for this)

1/8 oz Absinthe

Lemon Peel

Coat sugar cube in bitters and place in bottom of a flute glass.  Pour in champagne.  Float Absinthe on top, then run peel over rim of the glass and drop it in.

For the astute, shrewd, and sly, you will have noticed this is simply a Champagne Cocktial with a float of Absinthe, or an Absinthe cocktail enhanced by a  lemon peel and champagne (  Two cocktails that go great together, hence the name).  I applaud your aware and perspiciacious nature, and hope that you enjoy this little tipple.  Happy New Year!!!!!!

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