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A “Musing” Visit

December 29, 2008

This past week, I was honored to have no other than Natalie Bovis-Nelson (aka The Liquid Muse), and her family join me at La Casa Sena for drinks and dinner.

Natalie and her husband, Jason, are natives of Santa Fe (we known for more than just green chile),  and were back in town visiting for the holidays.  I was stoked to know they wanted to came in to try a couple of my cocktails.  Natalie enjoyed a new addition to the La Casa Sena  drink menu called “The Ruby Slipper” while Jason imbibed upon an interpretation of a classic I call  “Manhattan in Autumn”.

Though our chance to chat was brief, we did get a chance to geek out on what we do, and what is going on the in the world of drinks.

So thank you Natalie and Jason (and family) for stopping bymy little bar.  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to conversations and working with you in the future!!

Ruby Slipper

2 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1oz Dry Vermouth

1 oz Lucien Jacob Creme De Cassis

Combine in a mixing tin with ice, Stir, then strain into cocktail glass.  Gsrnish with Lemon Twist.

Manhattan in Autumn

2 1/2 oz Knob Creek Bourbon

3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

Autumn Tincture

Combine bourbon and vermouth in a mixing tin with ice, stir.  Spray inside of a cocktail glass with Autumn Tincture, then strain bourbon/vermouth into the glass.  Garnish with orange peel.

Autumn Tincture: in a 5 oz jar (old spice jars are great for this), place 4 cinnamon sticks, 1 T each of clove and nutmeg, add 4 drops of pure vanilla, then fill jar with 100 proof vodka.  Leave at room temperature for 2 weeks, shaking the jar twice a day.  After two weeks, strain out liquid into a small spray bottle or atomizer (a mesh strainer and coffee filter work great).

( This drink will also be a part of an article in Chilled Magazine in the first part of 2009.  Keep you posted!)

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  1. January 2, 2009 11:49 am

    Your drinks are super and its great to know that there is a refuge in Santa Fe for quality mixology!! So great to meet you and I look forward to our next get together.

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