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Boy, What you been Smokin’???

January 3, 2009

I love to smoke……….

I’m talking about food here.  My wife gave me a smoker for my birthday this past year, and I love it.  Smoked meat has such a great flavor.  I wish I could get that flavor in a bottle of………

It was worth a try.  I was partially inspiried on this by an article I read in the NY Times featuring a drink for Elixir in San Francisco using Islay scotch to get a smokey flavor into a drink.  But I wondered if it was possible to actually smoke liquor.  So I figured I give it a try.

The first attempt didn’t work out too well.  Temperature control is essential I learned very quickly, as it is when smoking anything.  However, I found it is even more crucial when playing with booze.

Here’s what I did…..

My smoker is electric.  I filled the bottom with applewood (one of my favorites).  On the top shelf of my smoker I placed half a bottle of VS brandy in a metal mixing bowl.  I set a thermometer balanced in the center of the liquid to ensure the brandy did not reaching it’s boiling point (173.3 degress F at sea level).

It took all of 45 minutes to attain the temperature, so I pulled the brandy and cooled it quickly (30 minutes in the freezer then, places at room temp). 

The flaovor was amazing!!  In a side by side tasing with the original brandy and the smoked brandy, all of the flavor of the brandy was retained, but the smoked brandy had a subtle  flavor of apple smoke added.  PERFECT!!

Since this experiemnt I have smoked bourbon with apple, hickory, and mesquite, as well as  maple syrup with hickory.

Recipes?  Try it in any drink.  This simply adds a subtle smokey depth to any drink.  Using standard recipes, my favorites are..

Smoked Brandy Old Fashioned

Smoked Maple Julep (using smoked maple syrup in place of sugar)

What’s next?  Who knows: the possibilities are endless!!!!



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  1. Anthony Mark permalink
    January 5, 2009 6:31 pm

    I tried to smoke a cosmopolitan, and here’s what I did: First, I got some sky vodka, cause who can taste anything with all the juices that are going in? Next, I poured it into a wide glass (as opposed to a highball glass) filled with 6 cubes of ice. Two fingers, then a middle finger for the ice. Next, a plash of orange/peach/mango juice, then a splash of 100% cranberry juice, a couple of quick shakes of cointreau, a zetz of fresh lime juice, then a shake and a stir (or maybe it was a stir and shake), and then I placed the drink in my barbecue which was preheated to precisely 800 degrees and filled with MY favorite wood – hickory. I smoked the cosmo for 45 minutes. To my surprise, when I opened the hood, not only had the ice melted entirely, so had the glass.

    And that’s why I always prefer to have a pal like you make my drinks.



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