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What a Geek!

January 5, 2009

Okay, I’ll admit to it.  I love what I do.  Plain and simple, and I feel lucky that I have a job that I enjoy.

My coworkers definately will testify to my “Geek” status.  A couple like to feed me ideas, or ask questions, just so they can see the giddy smile on my face.  Others tease me that I carry my own ice scoop. That’s right, my own ice scoop…..

In fact, I carry almost all of my own gear.  No offense (okay maybe a little) to the place I have worked, but most bars do not buy quality equipment or don;t know about it.  Look at it this way: How many top chefs do you know that use the House’s knives?

So, yes I haul around a backpack filled with bar equipment.  Here is a list.

Hawthorne Strainer by Oxo

Veggie Peeler by Oxo

Z  knife, Oxo, again

Can opener/Church Key

Bar spoon (mine has an attached metal top instead of that little red thing that always falls off)

Wine Key: double helix, with 2 shelves

Julep Strainer, purchsed from

Mesh Strainer

Jigger, by Oxo, measures from  1/2 tablespoon to 2 ounces.  Better than keep a set of measuring spoons and a full set of jiggers.  If you are a bar manager, I hope you paid attention to what you just read!!!

Fruit  Juicer

Milk Frother, my latest toy, great layering cream or milk onto a drink without using actual whipped cream

Absinthe spoon.  We do have a couple at my bar, I just think mine is cooler.

Ice Scoop, Stainless Steel and just the right size!

Bar Blade, I dont ever buy these.  they are no different from what you can get from a distributor.

ISI Canister, this I carry on occasions that I know certain guests are coming in.

Muddler, which is being replaced right now.  Debating between the VIVA! Stick and the Pug Muddler.

Paring knife, 4 inches long with a handy blade gaurd so the edge doesnt get damaged, or do any damage. 

What else is in my pack you ask??  I carry orange bitters (since my bar doesnt stock them and I feel they are essential), Autumn Tincture (read the post “A ‘Musing’ Visit,” or see and soon to appear in Chilled). A copy of Imbibe, by David Wondrich, which I’m on my third read.

So, yes I am a Gadget Geek as well as  a Drink Geek.  But no matter the moment, I am always ready por you something special.  Cheers!!


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