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Oh the Times they are a-changin’

January 16, 2009

La Casa Sena (the bar I work in) has dropped the neckties and added a TV in the Cellar Lounge.

We are also doing a seminar on organic and biodynamic wines on Jan. 28th.  Call 505-988-9232 fro details.

I’m getting a really cool new muddler.

Hennessy is selling 180,000  bottles of specially labelled cognac in honor of Barrack Obama’s innaguration (sorry I don’t have a link.  Call me Hennessy!)  By the way, if you are in Santa Fe on Tuesday, stop by and we can watch the ceremony together!

 I want to renovate the bar business by putting my version of the New York tavern in every shpping mall…………….wait was that copyright infringement?

And, for the next few weeks, I am going to focus on more “conservative” drinks.   No, dear friend, I have not run out of ideas, I am simply going to shut down the factory for a small while as I plan and ponder the next great delve ( I’ve got a Golden Ticket!  Again call me Hennessy).

In my next few posts, I am going to focus on classic drinks with a twist and modern interpretations of classic cocktails. Keep a look out!


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