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Green Drinks at LCS

January 20, 2009

No, this is not an early St Patrick’s Day Celebration…….

Like many bartenders, wine is my weak spot, and I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge, especially working in a restaurant that is known for wine. 

On Wednesday January 28th, La Casa Sena in conjunction with Green Drinks ( is hosting a seminar on organic and biodynamic wine.

This is open to anyone: no reservation needed.  Here is the press release for the event:

Celebrate the New Year withGreen Drinks
Santa Fe, New Mexico –Green Drinks will kick off 2009 with a gathering at La Casa Sena Cellar Lounge, 125 E. Palace, Wednesday,
January 28th at 6:30. This month we will have two special information topics: conservation policies on the table for the upcoming legislative session and environmental wine labeling.
Sandy Buffet, the Executive Director, of the Conservation Voters
of New Mexico, will share with us key highlights of critical conservation issues that will be considered in the upcoming legislative session. CVNM works to turn environmental values into state priorities through education, lobbying, endorsing and electing pro-conservation candidates and holding legislators accountable for decision that impact the environment.
Organic, biodynamic, salmon-friendly, added sulfites, net zero: have you seen these labels on wine lately? What does it all mean and how does it affect the taste of your favorite wine? Find out which environmental wine labeling means the most to you. Walter Gallegos is a Certified Specialist of Wine by The Society of Wine Educators. Byron Rudolph is La Casa Sena Wine Director. These fine gentlemen will present to us the different types of wine labeling for the environmentally aware . . . and you may just get to taste a few.
La Casa Sena Cellar Lounge is Santa Fe’s little classy hideaway, located next to the restaurant. The Cellar Lounge was chosen for this month’s Green Drinks because they participate in commercial recycling and source locally produced food products whenever possible. According to the most recent survey, 64% of Green Drinkers want to support environmental initiatives with their dollars and find that restaurants that participate in commercial recycling, win their vote. In addition, The Wine Cellar offers a nice selection of organic, biodynamic, salmon-friendly, and New Mexico wines.
To learn more about Green Drinks, go to If you would like to be on the local announcement list, please contact Kathleen Chambers at Salut!

Hope to see you there!!!

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