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I Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good

January 23, 2009

The past few days in Santa Fe has been absolutely beautiful, warm with almost spring like days, which have given me a case of Spring Fever:  shorts and campshirts, backyard BBQ parties, late night dessert sunsets, and lounging by the pool (or in my case working the poolside bar).

And, of course, I have a rash of summertime drinks roaming in my mind.  I have many favorites, but what was the one that struck me this year? 


Sangria is a wonderful drink who’s recipe is as proprietary as a BBQ.  By definition sangria is a drink of bloodlike color made with red wine, sugar, fruit, brandy and sometimes soda.  It is a sibling of the Sangaree (which Jerry Thomas made with port, sugar and nutmeg).

Restaurants and bars worldwide can be very protective of their interpretation of this drink.  The first bar I worked in swore me to secrecy about their “family recipe”.

Sangria is often made in batch; a good thing in that the host of a party serving sangria can make it in advance, and be free to mingle with guests. 

It is as versatile as it’s ingredients, can be manipulated to fit the menu, and few rules apply to it’s existence.

Dare I say…..Sangria is the perfect party drink: tasty, potent and appealing.

This is my base recipe…..


2 btls temporanillo (Spanish red wine)

6 oz Blackberry brandy

4 oz Cherry brandy

8 oz Peach Brandy

4 oz ruby port

3 Oranges squeezed

2 Lemons squeezed

1 Lime Squeezed

16 oz lemon/lime soda (add just before service)

(after squeezing the fruits drop rind into the mix and ket sit for 12+ hours).

TO SERVE: Place mixture in a punch bowl or large pitcher.  just before serving add a lrge ice block.  Ladle or pour into wine glass or punch cups and garnish with oranges, cherries, or even edible flowers.

 (In the.winter add a liitle spice. Grate a little nutmeg, anise seed, clove and/or cinnamon over each glass).

Be creative.  The great thing about Sangria is that it has more oppurtunity for creativity than most others.  Don’t limit yourself!  Let your mind roll with wine, fruit, and spice. The only limit is creativity.  Imagine. Invent.  Imbibe.

Hope this inspires a bit of “Fever” with you, as you rejoice with the wonderful, often overlooked tipple, of Sangria.

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