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Back in the Day….Old Skool Drinkin’

January 27, 2009

speakeasyI have read a couple of fellow bar bloggers posts recently that were discussing people cutting back on quality in their drinks.  This is an excellent topic, and I want to put my two cents in here.

Order a drink from the well?  I say DO IT!!

Many of the drinks that are popular to this day were created during Prohibition where bartenders were trying to mask the  horrible flavors of “bathtub gin” and “monkey rum”.  Yes, bartenders and servers try to upsell their guests to better quality products.  But it is not always necessary to use these high end products.  You can get a good drink using cheaper products, assuming your bartender is good at what he/she does. 

drink-025And I will admit, I use this theory sometimes when creating original drinks. I say sometimes bacasue this does not apply all creations.   Quality does make a difference in drinks that rely on specific and subtle flavors such as a Martini or a Negroni.   However, I believe that if I can make a great tasting tipple from the well or a low end call brand, then upgrading it to higher end liquors will be no problem. 

Money is tight for everyone  these days, and the occasional night on the town is a great way to releive a little pressure.   Don’t be embarrassed by ordering from the well.  I bet your server is going to do the same thing after work. 

How do I know?  “Cause I’m pouring his drink too!

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