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A What for Who…? (Bet you didn’t know)

February 5, 2009

Yes, my fellow bartenders, inn keepers, wine makers, and vine growers, we have a patron saint.

This is not a new developement, but definately a little known tidbit of info. 

Who is it?  St.  Amand.

St. Amand (or Amandus) is believed to be from a well to do family circa 579 A.D. and at the age of 20 ran off to join a monastery. After seveal years of travel, study, isolation, and hiding, he was consecrated as a missonary bishop .  To make a fairly vague story short (if that is possible for me) Amand wandered throughout France, Germany, and Belguim evangelizing for the Church primarily to the wine makers, beer brewers and booze merchants of those countries, hence why he has been given over to those of us who lodge and pour today as our very own intercessor.

Far be it for me to discuss religion behind the bar (call it penance for the phaliic tequila bottle), but please join me on this Feast Day of St. Amand, February 6, and raise a glass and a silent toast to one who watches over “our kind”. 

(For a little more on Amand, click here)

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