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To Dream The Impossible Dream

February 15, 2009

The Wine Director at La Casa Sena loaned me a copy of Malt Advocate, a whiskey geek mag, rightfully thinking I would enjoy reading it.  There were reviews, awards, and an excellent interview with Bill Samuels Jr. (the Maker’s Mark Man).  And tucked away in towards the back, I found an article in which the author fantasized about the chance of sitting down and ordering a drink from Professor Jerry Thomas.



 Jerry Thomas, if you don’t know (shame on you if you’re a bartender and don’t), is the most celebrated Mixologist of all time, and the author of The Bon Vivant Companion: the first published bar recipe book.  Famed by his incredible drinks, and enormous presence, Jerry Thomas is considered the Godfather of mixology. 


Then I thought what if Jerry Thomas walked into MY bar?

Originally this post was a datdream of that happening, so sorry if you didn’t get the “repost”.

Reason for the rewrite?  I got curious about other bartenders and mixologists and what they would serve.

So, gicven the chance, what drink would you pour for Professor Jerry Thomas?  (Comment below)


 Foe me, it would be


Ruby Cocktail

2oz Hendrick’s Gin

1oz Nolly Pratt Dry Vermouth

1oz Lucien Jacob Crème De Cassis

1 dash orange bitters


Stir and Strain into a cocktail glass.  Garnish with a freshly pulled lemon twist.



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