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Chillin’ with Chilled

March 2, 2009

Hello Barman Readers!

PROPS TO ME!!!  I have been included in an article discussing molecular mixology in the latest issue of Chilled Magazne.  Unfortunately the article itself is not available online, so you will have to subscribe and request a back issue.  Don;t feel bad y’all: I didn’t get my subscription in fast enough, so I am having to do the same thing.  Oops.

liquid_revolutionist-largecrop_0_170_010_790_98By the way, the Director of Mixology for Chilled is my interent buddy Shawn Soole a.k.a. The Liquid Revolutionist.  Shawn  is a bartender, mixologiist, consultant, sommelier, and the inventor of  the most functional muddler on the market called the Viva Stick.  It’s made from food safe plastic instead of wood, which makes the Viva Sick a more sanitary tool nad dishwasher safe.  The 1 1/2 inch waffle base allows delicate muddling with less effort and time.  And the Viva Stick is 12 inches long, allowing it to fit into large glassware, and still leave room for your hand to hold it.

So, be sure to check out Shawn’s website and don’t forget to look me up in the current issue of Chilled Magazine.


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