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A bit o’ Irish Trivia

March 9, 2009

A running joke for years in my family is that the Milligan Clan has always been Priests or Horse Thieves.  Well, my father is a preist so guess what that makes me?!?


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  To get us in the mood I thought I’d throw a little Irish trivia at you.  Answers are at the bottom.   Don’t worry: these are pretty easy.  Good Luck!

  1. What are the 3 colors of the Irish Flag and what do they represent?
  2. Why does Irish soda bread have a cross cut into the top? 
  3. What is the “profession” of the leprechaun? 
  4. By legend , one who kisses the Blarney Stone receives what?
  5. The is the root definition of the word “whiskey”?
  6. What is Poteen? 
  7. The Celtic New Year begins on what day?
  8. What Irish Monk is said to have been to America previous to Chrisotpher Columbus? 
  9. What is a Claddagh?
  10. What are the 3 symbols on the Claddagh and what do they stand for?
  11. Waterford, Ireland is popularly known for making what? 
  12. In Irish surnames, what does “Mac” mean?
  13. What about O’? 
  14. What two days a year do pubs close in Ireland 
  15. True or False: Irish Christians are relieved of their Lenten Vows on St Patrick’s Day
  16. What year was St Patrick canonized?



  1. Orange for Protestants, Green for Catholics, and white for living together in Peace
  2. To scare away the devil
  3. Cobbler or Shoemaker
  4. The gift of Gab, which means the loss of shyness and the ability to talk to anyone.
  5. Water of Life
  6. Potato based whiskey
  7. November 1st
  8. St. Brendan
  9. Traditional Irish Wedding Ring.
  10. Hands, Heart, and a Crown.  Friendship, Love, Loyalty
  11. Crystal
  12. Son of…..
  13. Grandson of……
  14. Christmas and Good Friday
  15. True!!!!  As an Irish Catholic, you do not have to honor your Lenten vows on St. Patrick’s Day
  16. St Patrick was never canonized, though  his exemplary life is recognized by the catholic churches, and he is given the title of “saint” because of his life example.  An Honorary Saint.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!!


(Later this week, be looking for some great drinks to celebrate with.)



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