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Get your “Bunnies” on!! TIKI BAR TV Celebrates 4 Years

April 16, 2009

No I haven’t lost my mind, and no I’m not drunk at 8 (hungover may be a different story).  Im a Tiki Geek, and I’ll rasie a flag to announce it to the world.

logoTiki Bar TV is celebrating its 4th birthday in Las Angeles on April 25th at Venice Beach, which includes a party, and a chance to meet, hang , and drink with the cast to the wee hours of the morn. (click the link for tiickets and more info). 

castTheir inagural voyage into the Internet Ocean began four years ago.  In each episode the cast is presented a problem, where Doctor Tiki (MD, PhD) prescribes a cocktail which is then mixed by Johnny Johnny, Mixologist.  And don’t let that little pieced of eye candy fool you.  Lala has a degree in engineering and once created a robot.

Whimsical, silly, mindless, and in my opinion the BEST damn podcast on the web!!! 

Congratulations Tiki Bar TV for fourtr years of great podcasts, fun drinks, and a fabulous reminder that there is only one thing to take serious….the libation in hand.

May the Tiki Gods bless you with four more years!


        Click here if you dare

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