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Drinking the Fat???????

May 13, 2009

No I have not muddled my bourbon soaked brain.  And no, this is not a joke just to see if anyone is paying attention yours? 

Fat Washing is a molecular mixology technique of infusing fats or oils into alcohol. Now before you freak out and think about some things:  What gives meat flavor?  Fat.  What gives sauces a rich texture and depth of flavor?  Butter aka fat.  Why do your grandma’s biscuits taste better?  Lard aka fat. 

Still feeling your arteries harden?  Okay, let’s read a little between the lines.  There is nothing wrong with a little intake of fats. Besides in the end all we are doing is an infusion, and will remove the actual fat from the booze before we consume. And no there is not “greasy” texture left behind

Now back to the fun….

As we have discussed before, savory is a difficult element to get into our libations.  Well fat washing is one way we can do this.  Any type of fat or oil can be used, bacon being the most popular.

After cooking 1 lb of meat gently pour the warm “drippings” into the desired liquor to be infused. Let the infusion sit for about two weeks.  Don’t worry it won’t go bad: remember alcohol is a preservative.  After two weeks, put the bottle in the freezer for a few hours until the fats congeal.  Remove the bottle, and strain the now infused liquor through a coffee filter laid inside a mesh strainer.

Now you have a fat wash.  Substitute this into any of you favorite drinks.

What are some of the fat washes I have tried?

Bourbon with Maple sausage

Vodka with Olive oil (no cooking needed)

Tequila with Chorizo (makes a hell of a margarita but be careful with this one and use only about 1 oz of the rendered fat.  The spice concentrates in this one, and yes I learned that the hard way!)

 Still think its nuts?  Then run with that thought.  Almond, walnut, peanut, sunflower even mustard oil can be used.  The only limit is imagination

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  1. January 6, 2010 9:46 am

    Thanks for the ping!

    Could you add a little more info on Eben Freeman and his work?


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