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Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me!

June 9, 2009

princess-logoAs you may or may not know, I just went on my first cruise.   A family celebration in honor of my sister graduating from college, we boarded a Princess ship and headed to Alaska.

I have never thought of going on a cruise as a vacation before, but I am totally hooked now!  The food and service is amazing: better than most places I have ever been.  And as a cruiser, you visit several places throughout your journey, but never have to repack your stuff.

I learned a few things along the way as well.  Almost every turn in the ship has a bar.  Find your favorite the first day, and stick with it the  rest of the trip.  The staff gets to know you, as if you were a regular for years, and treat you as such.

I was told beforehand by others who had been on crusies that drink prices were reidulously high.  What I found was this is a matter of perpective.  If you are used to paying $3.50 for the well and $5.00 for calls, then yes, the prices are higher.  But when you are like me and are used to paying $7.50 well and up to $13.00 for calls, then the ship’s prices were reasonable.  Most of my time I spent swimming in caipirhinas and manthattans both for $6.75 plus an included 15% tip (do yourself a favor, and tip more!!)

So if you ever get the chance, climb aboard a cruise ship, and take an awesome journey.  I know I will be back on the seas again soon!

pirateWhat’s up with the “pirate’s life” title?  Well, in preparation for this trip and expecting “high” drink prices, I smuggled a bottle of rum on boeard the boat, which is against the rules.  I also figured how to get “embargoed” Cuban rum back through customs, so I guess I can add “pirate” to my resume.  Not posting this, but if you want advice………….I’ll be lettin’ you know for 10% of your vacation plunder!!

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