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Kentucky-Day 1

September 14, 2009

3:40 am is NOT the time a bartender  should be waking up!  But that is when I arose this morning to fly to Kentucky to see my daughter and to attend a little of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

So I JUmp started my brain with a pot of Guatemalan coffee and got my gear together for my adventure to Bourbon Country.  My itinerary called for a 45 minute layover at Midway Airport in Chicago.  The second leg of my journey was one of the most amazing and the most horrid flight experiences I have ever had.  It was horrid in that I sat next to a man who smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in a week and almost obsessively raised his non deodorant arm to play with his hair and exposing a large hole in the seam of his golf shirt.  Thank goodness it was only an hour long flight.  But what made this tolerable was the most amazing flight attendant named Twanda who sang her announcements to her passengers to the tunes of old R&B hits.  If the “fasten your seatbelts” light was off, she would have gotten a standing ovation!  Keep it up, girl!

So I arrived in beautiful Kentucky (BTW, I grew up in Georgia which is considered the Deep South.  So would Kentucky, being on the edge of the Mason Dixon Line be considered the Shallow South?).  I digress

I approached the counter for my rental car, which FUBAR’ed my reservation (shame on you Thrifty!) and I didn’t have a car.  I was stuck!  A national convention was arriving in Louisville and cars were scarce.  But after about two hours and a little luck, Alamo Car Rental saved the day and I got into my purloined vehicle and headed for Bardstown.

The weather was warm and humid.  Memories of growing up in similar surroundings flood my mind as I drive south on I-65.  I look at the pines and hardwoods passing along, seeing logging trucks hauling their loads down the interstate and remember my days growing up on a tree farm.

Finally at 4:30 or so I arrive at my motel where I am greeted by name (now THAT is hospitality!) and check in.  I call my little girl and tell her I have arrived, make dinner plans with her and we had a great time a Stephen Foster’s, an old style buffet with all the best Southern fixins’ including my favorite, Fried Chicken!!

After dinner and dropping off my girl, I strolled down to the Old Tablot Tavern for a little nip from the bottle.  The bartender helped me choose Pure Kentucky Bourbon; a 107 proof, deep amber bourbon with a sweet nose and palate, and rich butterscotch, vanilla flavor with a long finish. This was the perfect topper to a dramatic day, and a fantastic dinner.  Kudos, y’all!

And as I sipped my tipple, the world became a little smaller once again.  While talking to some folks at the bar, and discussing our days events we realized we had mutual friends from around the country (forgive me for not being specific, but I did not retain permission).  Suffice to say, we are looking forward a another drink together, and some great times as the Kentucky Bourbon Festival kicks off.

Cheers, y’all!

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  1. September 15, 2009 8:24 am

    Wow that sounds like a great fesitival. Kentucky Bourboun… Bring it on!

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