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Kentucky-Day 4

September 18, 2009

You may be asking, “what happened to day 3?’  Well day 3 I spent with my daughter and did no touring.

DSC02647Day 4 was a little short, though.  I was on my way to the airport, but decided to stop by the Jim Beam Outpost for a quick look.  The Outpost sits across a set of railroad tracks, where the trains would pick up bourbon for distribution.  The Rackhouses scatter the hills of Clermont where the Beam family has lived for over 200 years.  As Booker Noe used to say,” In 200 years, The Beam family has moved 13 miles.”

The tour was quick, in that The Outpost is revamping their tour program, and by next fall will allow visitors to actually enter the distillery (currently the tour consists of a tour of the Beam home, a video and a tasting). 

DSC02667After the tour I walked over to the statue of Booker Noe that sits on a small walkway in front of the Beam Home, and reflected on my trip through Bourbon Country and thought how a handful of small town Good Ol’ Boys made a little whiskey and changed the world.


Cheers Y’all!


BTW ever wonder what happens to Bourbon barrels after the whiskey is gone?  Most are sold to scotch or tequila distillers to be reused.  But on occasion, someone might get a wild hair, get creative, or suffer from hair of the dog and do this……






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