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A Shot of Tequila….and I don’t mean Tila

October 15, 2009

Living in the Southwest, and working as a bartender, you gotta know something about tequila.  And when I say something, I mean as much as you can stuff into your brain. 

 It has been the topic of some of many songs:

recordTequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off, Joe Nichols

Straight Tequila Night,  John Anderson

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, Tracy Byrd

Tequila Sunrise, The Eagles

You and Tequila, Deanna Carter

Hey 19, Steely Dan (mentions Cuervo Gold)

(just to name a few)

 Some Trivia: Bing Crosby was such a fan of tequila, he arranged distribution of Herradura into the U.S.  Agave, the plant tequila is made from, is a member of the lily family.   Paris Hilton and Sammy Hagar’s drink of choice is tequila (hmmm).  And at the movies, Chevy Chase drinks a shot of tequila in Caddyshack and The Three Amigos (along with Steve Martin, and Martin Short).

logo But for those who want to get down to the nitty gritty, tequila has its own internet community appropriately called  Created to enhance the love and appreciation of tequila,  is a free community for the Newby and the Conniosseur alike.  It is a great place to geek out, ask questions , compare tasting and share recipes with other enthusiasts.

 So if you want to learn more about this little sipper from South of the Border, take a look at  Bet you find everything you ever wanted to know!

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