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March 23, 2010

A few updates…..

Are you a Scotch fan?  It’s always great to try a new whisky, and there is a new way to do so. has just started a new club called the Whisky Explorers Clubs where you can sign up and receive scotch in the mail.  Membership costs between $120 and $250 depending on the program you sign up for, and each program includes rare and limited edition scotches.  Take a look!  You can grab a 10% discount as well if you enter promo code SFBarman-0310.


 I have never been a fan of bar schools like the ones advertised on late night TV, and I have been pretty outspoken about this in the past.  But then I read about BarSmarts from online buddy and fellow blogger Colleen Graham at, and decided to take a another look.  BarSmarts Wired  is a comprehensive online bar, service, and spirits training course created by some of the top mixologists in the country including Dale DeGroff, David Wondrich, Steve Olsen, Andy Seymour, Paul Pacult,  and Doug Frost.  Through a series of four modules the participant is guided through the history of spirits and distillation, the different types of liquors, mixing and pouring techniques, service training, menu design and a virtual drink builder.  After each module you are tested on the material covered.  It also includes short video presentations from the creators (cool!).  The cost is a mere 45 bucks and includes your own set of bar tools (which every bartender should use) and a messenger bag (you’d pay $45 for that stuff anyway, so why not learn something along the way).  And believe me on this one: you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Even after almost two decades of pouring drinks, I learned a thing or two during this course!  I recommend this for the old pro and the FNG (Frickin New Guy) alike.  Besides learning form some of the top minds in mixology, this is a great training program for trainers and bartender to have a common language.  And as appreciation and advancement continues in the bar world, I predict that certification like this will become mandatory in the near future, so why wait? By the way, enrollment happens only twice a year, and March 31 is the cutoff for round 1 this year.  Another oppurtunity will come this fall, so sign up now or to be updated in the future.


One of my favorites times especailly since fresh produce begins to abound, and I start the annaul batch of limoncello.  This year I will be making about 3 gallons total.  If you would like a base recipe for making your own take a look here.


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