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How to Booze…..

July 21, 2010

Ever been in a situation where you didn’t know what to drink?  Always go for the old standby?  Out on the town with a new date and afraid that you may order a drink that will make you come off as the town drunk?  Or needed a little extra booze boost to get the courage up to ash them both back to your place?

Don’t lie….we all have.

How to Booze: Exquistie Cocktail and Unsound Advice by Jordon Kaye and Marshall Atler is half recipe book half bartender advice column covering scenarios of what to drink, when, and how to make them.  Kaye and Atler are sarcastically sweet and sour with their humor as they explain the whys and wherefores from the bartender’s point of view.  After all, we have seen it heard it and lived it alomost every day of our career. 

“The single greatest risk on a second date is contracting genital warts from someone whose name you won’t remember in three months.  All in all we that’s a rish worth taking.  But the second greatest risk is coming accross like a blowhard.  This is one situation where boozing play a role thatis merely facilitating and not an end in itself.  You’re here to couple, after all.  Orderting anything remotely esoteric smacks of preteniousness.  Ordering something to fruity makes you out as a lightweight.  Making matters worse, this is the only part of the eveningduring which you are both sober: that is simultaniously nervous and judgemental.”

From dates, to barbeques to popping the question to the “final drink”, this is  a fantastic read for drink makers and drink takers.  How to Booze: Exquisite Drinks and Unsound Advice is available online at

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