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$.99 Trivia

May 25, 2011

I’m once again ready to throw my two cents in here.  Okay, maybe a little more than two as I have always been a little bit of an extremist (is that really possible??)

Anyways……I want to start by saying that years ago there was a group of mixologists that began learning a great deal about the history of cocktails and began to teach and preach about it from behind the bar, on blogs, message boards, and seminars.  It created quite a fantastic movement in the world of mixology that brought many along for the ride and elevated not only our knowledge but our palates and drinking habits.  Some of these same barman and women are now lamenting the very thing they spearheaded and embraced.  Why?  Well, I’ll leave that one for your research into human dynamics, but suffice to say the creation of this “frankenstein”: was bound to happen.  Just look at…..duh, HISTORY!!!

Howveer there is always a voice of reason.  One who has always been there, deeply steeped into the cocktail world that holds true integrity, and steadfast character who reminds us that knowledge is king, and bars are supposed to be fun.

Enter Miss Charming.

Cheryl Charming, Bartender, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Maker, Author of 17 books, and creator of Miss Trivia, an IPhone app filled with over 5000 bits of trivia, history, and bar amusements that Cheryl has compiled, researched and brought the world.  Divided into various categories and levels with options of single or multiple players, Miss Trivia reminds us that cocktails and bars are meant to be  exciting and fun.  You can test your knowledge on Beer& Wine, Celebrity Sips (another of Cheryl’s passions), Spirits & Recipes, and yes, even History.  And as you move from levels of Bartender to Geek (wanna guess where I am ?), the more fun you will have testing yourself and your friends on their cocktail savviness.

I have had ths app for a little over a year and still have a blast playing it.  I have even sat with customers and an IPad playing Miss Trivia at my bar (and yes I took it easy on my competitors.  They were tipping after all).

Miss Trivia is now being offered for a limited time for only $.99 (regularly $4.99).  At this irresistible price how could you not order one up for your favorite Apple product?  Hell, I say make it a double and gift one to a bar buddy.

Cheers Miss Charming for the great times, great drinks and a great IPhone app!

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  1. May 25, 2011 12:12 pm

    Thanks Chris! And great idea for the iPad. I think I will buy one now and have guests play the Celebrity Cocktail category on on Hollywood Cocktail themed nights at The Bombay Club.

  2. May 27, 2011 10:55 am

    Sounds like fun.

    Gives a whole new twist to “beating her at her own game”.

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