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Repeal Day in Santa Fe

December 5, 2011

December 5th, aka Repeal Day, is another great moment in American history when we as a country took control of our destiny and said “Enough is Enough”.

Most of us when thinking about Prohibition tend to think of the big cities  and the stories coming out of them about mobsters and speakeasies.  Precious little is written about the small towns like Santa Fe or the Southwest in general.  So I offer you a few tidbits about Prohibition and Repeal in New Mexico

  • In 1917,  over 66% of New Mexicans voted for statewide Prohibition.  This is two years before to 18th amendment took place.
  • The Editors and journalists of The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper wrote many articles pushing for Prohibition and favored the Temperance Movement.  During Prohibition they drank at a speakeasy on the end of East Palace Ave.
  • The owner of The Santa Fe New Mexican, Bronson Cutting, maintained what was called “the finest wine cellar in the Southest”  throughout Prohibition
  • Will Shuester, our famous artist and creator of Zozobra, was a bootlegger.
  • It is estimated that there were twelve operation stills with a block of the Plaza.
  • The Matador was once a speakeasy
  • Al Capone, Chicago’s famous mobster, would sometomes hide out in Santa Fe when the heat was on.  He stayed at Bobcat Bites Ranch (now restaurant)
  • Most illegal bars in Santa Fe were in someone’s house
  • In 1922, twenty cases of illegal hooch was seized on its way the State Republican Convention
  • Santa Feans voted 2768 to 201 to bring back the booze in favor of the 21st amendment
  • New Mexico ratified the 21st amendment on November 2, 1933

Belly up to the bar, folks.  Why?  BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!!!

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