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Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2012

Any cocktailain, bartender drink geek or mixologist that has ever been on a cocktail blog and subscribed has no doubt been bombarded all weekend long with endless lists of Valentine’s Day cocktails.  Valentine’s Day alone is a wonderful thing for those in love, though anyone in a functional relationship knows that it takes more than once a year to whip out the romance and fan the fire.

But as I looked around my bar thinking about how to celebrate Valentine’s this year, I saw a resounding number of people who were single.  People who are left out of this celebration because they, at this time, are single, or in a relationship that is too new that Valentine’s expresses a sense of anxiety instead of romance.The ealy on stage where if you do too much the other will run screaming into the night and of you do too little the other will sink into a depression of wondering whether or not he or she really gets me.

Not to mention the Jaded Lovers, Serial Daters, Playas, Bad Boyfriends, and Love Goddesses that plague the dating scene disillusioning and discouraging those who genuinely want a relationship.  Alongside that are those who have just been through a break up of any sorts where the broken heart still feels like it has a knife slowly being twisted in as the world walks by mocking your pain as you bleed to death on the side of the road and watching happy couples walk past and look at you and in your dying breath you want to spit in their face.

Am I being harsh?  Maybe, but I have been there, and I see these people walk into my bar each night.


I say let the singles celebrate, early on lovers rejoice without pressure, Jaded lovers be healed, and the long time lovers do what they do everyday of the year, and we all celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day Side-by-side together and be happy for who we are today, not who we are expected to be.

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  1. Dawn Singh permalink
    February 14, 2012 8:27 am

    I am an avid home cook in the mountains between ABQ and Santa Fe and get to SF often for food and good wine/drink and have nothing to do with bartending. Your posts, however, are a lot of fun to read and as a full-time cook I appreciate your insights into tastes, flavors and new trends.

    My Malaysian friend recently said “Happy Love Day” and I think that’s more appropriate than “lovers’ day.” Happy Love Day to all friends and family!

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