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Hola Tequila!

March 20, 2012

Ask yourself what you truly know about tequila?  What is the difference in tequila, mezcal, and sotol?  How many drinks can you name (or make) beside the margarita that use tequila?

As craft mixology continues to grow, and the world’s understanding of the truth and myths of spirits and history, I always like when I new book arrives on the shelf that is accurate, well written, entertaining, and informative:  Especially when the book revolves around one of the most misunderstood distillates out there.

Hola Tequila, penned by Colleen Graham, spirits expert and writer for Cocktails at, is just that kinda read.  Colleen worked for a year or so studying tequila, researching its rich history, how its made, nad compiling 90 recipes that go way beyond the standard margarita.

Now living in New Mexico, I feel I am somewhat of an expert in tequila and Central American spirits.  I kinda have to be!  And I am hear to tell you I don’t need a shot of courage to say Colleen’s book taught me a thing or two.

Hola Tequila is full of great information, fantastic recipes, and is approachable not just to the professional bartender but for anyone looking to learn about south of the border spirits.  It is written so eloquently that even if you had never tried tequila (God forbid), you would find this book a great place to introduce you to the world of agave.

Couple of favorite parts, other than Hola Tequila being well written, is the photography done by Shannon Graham, and the inclusion of a cocktail from New mexico made famous by Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant called simply the Chimayo Cocktail: made with fresh pressed apple cider, tequila, and creme de Cassis (sorry but you gotta get the book to get the recipe!).

I also especially liked Colleen explanation of the controversial Sangrita, where it came from, and how it is has changed.  Again, wanna know what I am talking about….gotta buy the book.

Hola Tequila is available at all the usual places for the cover price of $15.95.  So order yourself a copy and while you wait for it, slide down to your local booze barn, and grab a bottle of your favorite tequila.

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