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Perrier Makes a Splash in Cocktails

June 19, 2012

For years I have been preaching very loudly about how much I am against bottled water.  The lack of people’s ability to recycle the bottles has been a thorn in my side as well as some companies who, at one time, were robbing their children of clean water of the almighty dollar.  Likewise, in a supposedly green conscious community like Santa Fe, who claims to recycle glass, but tosses it into the land fill because the closest processing plant is in Colorado and, though the city charges for glass pickup, they do not follow through with what is paying for.

That aside, a dear friend of mine has made me change my tune in the last couple months coincidentally around the same time I was asked to take a look at how Perrier could be used in cocktails.  So with my newer opened mind, I accepted the challenge.

Spring waters have been prescribed by doctors since the beginning of time and have been revelled for the healing powers.  Southern France’s Les Bouillens, where Perrier is drawn from ha been a mecca for its water since the Roman times.  When Spas became unfashionable ( can you imagine that today?), the company went to specifically bottling water, and the rest is history. 

So how do we work this into a drink?  My staff and I at Secreto started basic.  That’s right….Vodka/Soda.  substituting Perrier for standard club soda off the gun gave a refreshing zip to the highball that was quite intriguing.  Next….you guessed it….Gin and soda followed by bourbon and soda.  Interestingly (and keep in mind we were comparing side by side)  the Perrier accentuated the flavors of the bourbon and the gin rather than “water them down” as club coda tends to.

Next we moved on to more complex drinks like the Mojito.  We used organic mint, lime cane syrup, Don Q Cristal (of course) and the Perrier.  Once again, the bubbles proved to make a distinguished difference in our enjoyment of the drink.  It added a little more edgy bite that was welcomed by all who tried it (a small crowd of regulars slowly began to gather).

Then we tried a Mojito with Perrier Lime.  This again brought the same refreshment but the overall consensus was the unflavored was the favorite.

But then we doubled back on ourselves and tried the vodka soda and gin soda with both the Perrier Citrron Lemon and Perrier Lime.  THAT ROCKED

Finally we looked at the  Pamplemousse Rose (pink grapefruit) and wondered what to do.Then we thought of the Paloma (tequila, agave, lime, grapefruit soda).  Now standing alone the Pamplemousse Rose didn’t hold up to the drink, so we added a little fresh squeezed grapefruit to the drink, and WHAMMO, we had another winner.  Once again the highly concentrated amount of bubbles that Perrier contains added to our overall enjoyment of the drink.

What we unanimously decided is that the highly (yet naturally) carbonated water of Perrier was a vast improvement over using soda gun seltzer, and though we did have a couple of mismatches, many of the regulars have now begun to request bottled water versus using the stuff sold on the gun.  Looks like the crowds have spoken and Secreto will be switching!

Perrier Stats

Country France
Source Vergèze
Type sparkling
pH 5.46
Calcium (Ca) 147.3
Chloride (Cl) 21.5
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 390
Fluoride (Fl) 0.12
Magnesium (Mg) 3.4
Nitrate (NO3) 18
Potassium (K) 0.6
Sodium (Na) 9
Sulfates (SO) 33
TDS 475
All values in milligrams per liter (mg/l)
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