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Eppa Super Fruit Sangria……. Epic

August 31, 2012

Okay, I know I harp on ease at parties by making a punch and have blasted using premade stuff in the past.  But I will admit that even I sometimes don;t like putting effort into it sometimes and will short cut on occasion when work has been busy and making something from scratch at home is too much like being at the bar.

Eppa Super Fruit Sangria is one of the things I reach for when it comes to a situation like this.  Made from certified organic Cabernet and syrah grown in Mendocino, California, this prepackaged sangria is SUPER packed with Acai, Blood orange, pomegranate, and blueberry( all also certified organic)  adding a dose of major ant-oxidants.  That doesn;t suck!

The flavor is rich and balanced, citrus at first then lending to a subtle sweet from the fruits.  The mouth feel is pleasant and light and the finish is refreshing linger of berry.  At 8.5 % alcohol I do add about a half ounce of brandy to each glass which rounds out everything.

Eppa Super Fruit Sangria is available nationwide at Whole Foods.

So, if you need a night off and are looking for an easy refreshing and rocking drink.  Grab a bottle of Eppa some ice and a glass.  It’s all you will need except maybe a back porch and a great sunset.


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