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Mariposa Flutters into Select Cities

September 21, 2012

Heaven Hill Distilleries has come up with one of the most interesting liqueurs since St Germain flooded the market a few years back.

Mariposa (Spanish for ‘butterfly’) is the first agave liqueur made from agave nectar, tequila, and vodka then enhanced with rose oil and gardenia.  The nose is balanced with agave, vegetal and floral notes.  The palate is thick (well duh it’s a liqueur), and has a unique start to finish of the sweet agave and ending with tequila. 

In mixing, I found Mariposa to works and plays well with others.  Tequila and vodka obviously being the first to make friends, Mariposa does well with rum, gin, brandy, and bourbon (I’m out of scotch right now).  It enjoys citrus and does surprising well with aromitized wine.  Mariposa also enjoys fruit and light bitters (orange, cranberry, and my favorite PEACH)  but I had a hard time with how it worked with aromatic bitters, not that I have given up.

Mariposa is cocooned into only a few markets right now ( New York, Chicago, Boston, San Fran, and Miami) but look for it to go nationwide in 2013.  Or if you don;t live in a control state, order it online (it runs about 25 bucks)

For more info, LIKE Mariposa on Facebook

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