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Exploring Absinthe

March 11, 2013

Yes, the real deal my friends……

Absinthe is the most controversial spirit in history I would have to say, even more so than the rum trade sparking slavery through thr Caribbean and Old South.  It was almost wiped from the face of the earth at one point thank to the collaboration of the many world temperance movements and Frnech winemakers in the wake of the phyllorera plague in 1855.

Absinthe was blamed for domestic and social violence, criminals, and crazies.  I recently saw an article where absinthe was said to be more dangerous than opiates.  The whole mystery of the Green Fairy, and absinthe giving one hallucinations, visions and some even going loony after imbibing on this elixir have given us outrageous and almost unbelievable stories propelling absinthe to near mythical status.

Do a little digging here, and you will find that reality is not near as fun as the stories.  Like most things clouded in propaganda, absinthe is actually quite enjoyable.  and though many European absinthe may have a higher alcohol content and higher  lthujone levels, you can get the “real stuff” in the U.S.

It was never really illegal in the U.S. either….but we will save that for another day.

ImageThere are many source on the web so get all kinds of absinthe along with drip systems, spoons and glasses.  Recently I was given a absinthe tasting kit from called Absinthexplore. is a European based absinthe vendor that sells tasting kits of three or six 50 ml samples of various styles and brands of the wonderful green liqueuer along with a very well made absinthe spoon.

Don’t be scared: take a look at their selections, call a friend  (or two) and host your own L‘heure Verte (green hour) Party.

As to the absinthe I sampled….well I will have to leave you in suspense, vut I will say I will be back in touch with VERY soon!!

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