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Light Sips: Beer Drinks

May 25, 2013

This weekend is the unofficial start to summer.  The kids are out of school, the weather is warm and after a long winter it’s time to get outside.

Drinking cocktails in the sun always seem to metabolize faster than at night, and it’s pretty easy to over do it by hydrating with liquor instead of water.  So while you’re at the pool, camping, or grilling this weekend opt for something a little lighter and easier on the body with a jazzed up beer or cider drink.

Michelada: This is always a hit and frequently confused with a Red Eye, Tomato Beer, or Red beer.  The traditional Michelada does not have tomato juice like the aforementioned drinks however.  Take a tall glass, rim it with salt, fill it with ice, 1/2 oz lime juice, a couple dashes of hot sauce and top it with your favorite Mexican lager.

(How did tomato get in the mix along the way?  This is a recipe originating in Mexico and the hot sauce would have been written as ‘salsa” and we in the U.S. would assume that meant Pace Picante)

Shandy:  I love this drink!  Take a tall glass and combine equal parts ginger beer or ginger ale with Guinness.  Yes you can use the stuff in the can.  I suggest ginger beer over ginger ale as American made ginger ale is much sweeter than European Ginger ale and the best way to get a more authentic flavor is ginger beer.

Pale Ale Julep:  Yes I am serious.  Muddle 6-8 mint leaves in a beer glass, add a 1/2 oz of sugar and top with pale ale.  Really tasty with a dash or two of orange bitters.

Out-Cider: Apple cider is the feature here and goes great especially with smoked foods.  Tall glass again, add 1/2 oz lemon, 1/4 oz light agave nectar (stir) add ice and top with apple cider.  I like a couple drops of Bitter End Memphis BBQ Bitters in mine (you can purchase these online at many sources)

So get outside (no box required) and please remember to hydrate as you enjoy these light and refreshing libations.

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  1. Johnathan permalink
    June 8, 2013 11:39 am

    a classic michelada, hard to find but delicious if made the right way!

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