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Bar Products for your new Bartender

August 30, 2013

One of the things I see that lacks in the bar and restaurant business ( and many other professions) is passage rites: a public recognition by peers mentors and students of status, change and position   This is changing with programs like the USBG Master’s Accreditation Program, but let’s say you have a barback that is a dedicated worker who is promoted and is completing their basic spirits and mixology training.  They should get some kind of recognition by their trainer, mentor, manager etc and not just handed next weeks schedule.

This is the kind of program that I am developing for my bar as well as the parent company in which I work.  And my good friends at are helping me out with this.

The idea is to award the newly trained bartender with something they can be proud of and hold as their own.  I personally carry all my own bar tools and I am a firm believer that any serious professional bartender should do the same.  So why not take your novice bartender and give them a starter kit of tool to get them shaking. carries one of the largest selections of bar tools and equipment in the U.S. including a “Master Mixology” page of good professional gear.  

ImageBut our trainee isn’t quite there yet…… So let’s start them with a basic tool kit like the 13 Piece Bar Well Kit that includes a shaker, cheater cup, strainer, pour spouts, bar blade and a wine key.  It’s simple and affordable!

Add to this an all in one plastic jigger with measurements from 1/4oz -3 oz for ease of service.

ImageAnd finally a citrus press, optional at one time but now a requirement behind almost any bar.  Your new bartender is set and ready to go on their first shift with confidence and a collection of tools given to them by their boss all at under $60.  That’s a small investment that will pay itself off in no time as you have done more than give them a gift.  You have given something to be proud of.

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