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“Craft”y Marketing

July 30, 2014

There is a buzz on social media right now as some people have “blown the whistle” on the fact that many “craft” products are made at a couple mass producing distilleries. I have needless to say seen and commented on these post to a point where I am compelled to say a couple things here.

1. There is little that regulates how a marketing team or PR company, a Brand ambassador or even a sales rep push a product. This is what they are paid to do. They are taught buzz words to catch industry attention. NAd they cater this to each one of their buyers. They do not sell a product to a cocktail bar as they do to a dive bar.

2. Each of these groups are there for the sale. PERIOD! They work on commission just like you and me (we call our commission a tip)

3. Many big distilleries are contracted by smaller companies to make a particular juice for that smaller company as it is simpler and cheaper for production and in turn keep the ottle cost coming to the bar down. Who wouldn’t appreciate that??

4. The word “craft” is a marketing ploy:not a level of quality. Again a buzz word. It has nothing to do with quality of production.

5. Dig past what the sales people tell you. Talk to the experts. I’ll give you an example. Recently I was concerned that a particular tequila I carry did not sport the “Certified USDA Organic” logo, so I started to investigate and bit the level of BS I found was an eye opener. I started with asking a general question to experts and aficionados finding that production had moved twice, the product not certified any longer AND the “hand crafted” claim was being done by a bull dozier!

6. Do not confuse your tastes with what sells. Yes, some of the stuff I like to consume is stocked in the bar I work in. Some are not. Why? Because they do sell!!! My job as a bartender is to make the house money. IfI am not doing that, I don’t have a job. The rest of what I do is part of selling those products and drinks. But if something on the back bar isn’t moving and taking up space, I will drop it no matter how much I enjoy it. It is not about what I like. It, like the marketers, the Brand Ambassadors, The Brand mangers, and the Sales reps, is about what I can sell.

Those of you who went to Tales this year and attended the Spirited Awards may recall this video introducing Best New Spirit…..just saying it is what we all sound like


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