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The Balanced Bartender

August 20, 2015

Hey everyone!

No, I have not disappeared. It’s been a busy summer here in Santa Fe, but I want to share soemthing really special and new.

A little while back I wrote a post called Zen and the Art of Bartender Maintenance talking about balancing life between personal and professional.  And I described one of the things I do to help balance my life.  There are many like me who do this like my friends Natalie Bovis and Patricia Richards who created Mind Body Spirit offering yoga sessions for bartenders and many cocktails festivals around the country

IMG_1151For me it’s whitewater rafting, and that is exactly where I have been the past few months: out on the Rio Grande River letting go and balancing my life.

20110303-novo-fogo-bottles-500I was blessed last June to have Novo Fogo Cachaca take interest in my way of aligning my world, and they added me to a wonderful series they produce called The Balanced Bartender.

Check out the video here.

Peace my friends, and hope you find your Zen as well.  Comment and share how you balance your life.

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