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Molecular Mixology

Molecular Mixology (MM) is a new way of looking at, approaching, and creating drinks.  It is looking at ingredients at the molecular level, deconstructing them, and restructuing them again.  In some cases, MM recreates the texture of a drink.  In others, it is challenging the science of what a drink is or can be.

There are many big names in the MM field that have done amazing experiments and made incredible discoveries.  This is the future of mixology!

My intenet here is to do the research for you and bring MM ideas that can be executed with a lot of expense that will give a big  “WOW” factor for your guests. 


These are fun and easy to do.  A foam is a great way to jazz up a drink as well as add a new texture. 

Maple foam: In an ISI canister place 2 egg whites 4 oz maple syrup, 1/2 oz lemon juice.  Charge.

Tomato Foam:  3 egg whites 4 oz tomato or V-8 juice, 4 drops tobasco, 9 drops worchestershire, 4 dashes salt, 9 dashes pepper. Charge


Fat washing is the process or infusing fats or oils into liquor.  This is a way to excite the 5th palate sensation, umami, in a drink.

 To do this,  you will need about 4 oz of whichever fat or oil you want to infuse per liter of  alcohol.  Ad the fat and liquor  to an empty bottle or wide mouthed jar and let stand for4- 6 hours at room temprature, shaking every hour.  Place the bottle in the freezer until the fat has solidified.  Srtain through a coffee fliter (or cheese cloth) and a mesh strainer to remove remaining fats/oils.  Return liquor to its original bottle.  Be sure to relabel this!!


This is my favorite MM technique and I have dedicated an entire page to it.  Click here


This is a great way to impress your guests.  Floss is basically cotton candy.  Replace it for sugar in any cocktial by piling it high in a glass, and after mixing the other drink ingredients, pour them over the strings, which will dissolve as you pour.  Cool, huh?


A simple and tasty way to decorate and flavor your drink.  Take any liqueur and pour a thim layer into a shallow metal dish.  Place the dish in a warm clean place until hardened (takes about a week).  Once done, chip solidified liqueur from thedish.  I use a mddler to press and break it free.  Then take the pieces and crush into a dust.  Use your new dust on the rim of a glass as a flavor enhancer


This is a fun and easy technique that will impress any guest.  Simply take your ISI canister and fill it with berries of your choice.  Charge the canister two times then place in the fridge for 2-3 hours.  After the cooling time, disharge the canister, and carefully open.  Your fruit will be partially frozen and carbonated.  Use as a garnish or side item with your drinks.


These are simple but can be dangerous and every precaution to protect you and your guests should be heeded.  In some places, this technique is illegal, so before you try it, check with your local liquor control board.

Take a high proof spirit and place is a spray bottle.  Holding a lighter about four inches above your target, spray the mist through the flame onto your drink.  This is great for bruleed tops on drinks comtaining egg whites or egg white foams.

You can also soak garnishes is a simple syrup then drizzle and hight proof spirit over the fruit.  Then light the liquor which will carmelize the sugar on the fruit.

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